Bang bang! “Junkyard Dogs” starts shooting!

10 November 2021
Antoine, Day 2

Jean-Baptiste Durand’s first feature film has started principal photography on November 9 in Occitania/the South of France.

Set in a remote rural village, the story is that of a bromance between Mirales and Dog, two young men entering adulthood. Tired of hanging around aimlessly and killing time teasing one another, they are looking for a way to grow up and find their place in life.

Part of Le Groupe Ouest 2017 Annual Selection, the Moulin d’Andé – Céci 2017 programme, the 2019 C.L.O.S. and the 2020 Emergence Résidence Cinéma, “Junkyard Dogs” is supported by the CNC and Occitania. SOFICAs Indéfilms and Cinémage also contribute to its financing and BAC Films was entrusted the film’s French and international distribution.