May 1st, Lily of the Valley and Trailer

1 May 2017
May 1st, Lily of the Valley and Trailer

On this first of May, Insolence Productions is happy to offer you a bit of lily of the valley and the 2017 version of its trailer!

You will find the following films there:

  • Mathilde 326, by Jean-Sébastien Bernard (2017)
  • Rabid Jacob of Donovan Alonso-Garcia (2017)
  • We are going into the woods, by Arnaud Bigeard (2017)
  • Event Horizon, by Joséfa Celestin (2017)
  • Underwater, by Virginia Caloone (2016)
  • Juliet, by Marc-Henri Boulier (2015)
  • Silent words, by Zoé Wittock (2015)
  • Sofia B. was sleeping badly, by Léa Triboulet (2014)
  • Oripeaux, by Sonia Gerbeaud and Mathias de Panafieu (2014)
  • Haircut, by Virginia Mori (2014)
  • He came from Romania, from Jean-Baptiste Durand (2014)
  • In Vino, by Stéphane Baz (2014)
  • Mrs. Aylwood Doesn’t Want to Die, by Johann G. Louis (2013)
  • The Breathing Birth, by Tom Bouchet (2012)
  • CTIN! by Cyrille Drevon (2011)
  • All men are called Robert, by Marc-Henri Boulier (2010)
  • Je criais contre la vie ou pour elle, by Virginia Keaton (2009)