Brushing, politics, etc.
by Nadia Jandeau & Marjolaine Boully-Solaro

France // 2011 // 15′ // HD 2K // Color // Dolby SR
Language : French // Subtitles : English

Produced by Cantina Films & Insolence Productions
Pre-bought by France Télévisions, the film also received support from Dailymotion and the COSIP selective fund.

Béatrice-Marie Victoire de Villemorin is a young candidate in the municipal elections. Unsympathetic to the core, she reigns as a tyrant over her team. While the election campaign is in full swing, BMVV is the victim of a hostage-taking. A hostage-taking that she herself has organized in collaboration with Bruno, a stupid man motivated by money.

Writer / Director: Nadia Jandeau, Marjolaine Boully-Solaro
Director of photography: Philip Lozano
Sound engineer: Stéphane Mercier
Script supervisor: Karinne Lecoq
Set designer: Annie Jamoneau-Finet
Costume designer: Julie Le Pallec

Editing: Fabien Montagner
Mixing: Matthieu Tartamella
Original music: Antoine Trameçon

– « Fermo France Culture » – Italy / 2012
– Nice-Paris Short Film Evening – MUSEEAV de Nice / May 2012
– Fenêtre sur Courts – Avignon / March 2012
– In my uncle’s footsteps – Saint Maur / October 2011
– Short Film Corner – Cannes Film Festival / May 2011
– Carte blanche at Insolence productions – Péniche Cinéma / April 2011