Stéphane Baz

Stéphane Baz was born in Saint-Denis in 1977. Son of a worker, he grew up in the so-called sensitive suburbs until he was fifteen years old. He then joined a cooking school. At the same time as his career in gastronomic restaurants, he signed his first author’s contract with the Cylibris publishing house at the age of 23. « Eclipsées », a collection of fantastic short stories, came out in 2003. After a three-month trip in 2006 to Benin, the land of voodoo and slavery, he tried his hand at experimental video in « Slavorama ».

Continuing his self-taught path, he shot in 2007 « Noces de bruits », a 12-minute short film selected by the MFC as part of the SACD’s Soirées rencontres. In 2009, he joined the Argile association for two years and trained as a director in the field, experimenting with different trades. Two films are the result of this collaboration: « Au royaume des aveugles », 3 min and « Le fiel », 6 min, a scene from an unpublished novel. In a desire to adapt his short stories into short films to understand their own language, he shoots in 2012 « The Executioner », 9 min.

He then collaborates on experimental videos for plays and electro-rock bands. In 2013, continuing to explore the darker regions of the human being between reality and fantasy, he began shooting « In Vino », 20 min, produced by Insolence Productions. This film evokes the universe of both Roman Polanski and Kiyoshi Kurosawa and has been selected in festivals around the world: United States, Argentina, South Africa, Italy and Spain.

Today, a new short film is in preparation with Insolence Production, « Déguste », an experimental film about cooking. Two feature film projects are also being written.  » La dernière muse « , a thriller about surrealist painting and  » Chaud! « , a drama about a self-taught cook.